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We believe in making it easier for people to see, use, manage, create and exchange vital information by understanding what they are trying to do and designing technology to help them do it. We put people at the center of our technology to help solve problems and capture value more quickly and accurately for better business decisions. We believe in making data work for people to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and make life easier for them and their organizations.

DeVector Microsoft Project

About Our Software

Both CloudEVM and Vector have been designed with the user in mind. CloudEVM is the third evolution of our Earned Value software and incorporates all of the latest technology. Beyond the technology, our focus has been on the user experience. Vector is an evolution of our desktop MSO Project reporting application. Vector has been designed to give the user an Enterprise perspective of their desktop data in a web-based environment. Both products are continually evolving and rely on input from the customer community to make sure we are delivering the best solution for the ever changing needs of business and Project Management/EVM professionals worldwide.

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